Hard at work on the old spreadsheet, getting ready for my Rotterdam trip next week. The September sales numbers are looking good, up 5% year on year, despite the challenging business environment. And that doesn’t even include the new Singapore contract! This is going to be a GREAT fourth quarter at Maynard M Maynard. Next week I might take the sales team out for a pint. (Or two!!!)


Up bright and early, so that I could be in the office before Singapore goes to bed. I was putting the finishing touches to my Powerpoint presentation on the train, when without warning the man sitting opposite struck me on the side of the head with a rolled up newspaper. When I remonstrated with him, he span me some cock and bull story about how he had seen a bee on my head. I don’t know why we bother to pay our taxes, when thugs and hooligans can assault us at any time, even first thing in the morning on a crowded train.